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March 16, 2019

Increase Your Circulation

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No matter what your age, having good circulation is important. If you don’t have it, the oxygen and nutrient rich blood doesn’t flow to all cells to promote growth and aid internal organs. You can increase circulation with exercise, but there are other ways to help boost it. Improved circulation helps your heart function, improves your overall health and even makes your skin look years younger. When you have improved circulation, it lowers your heart rate, allowing your heart muscles to relax and blood pressure to improve.

Moving your body in synergy helps unblock circulatory paths.

Qigong is the art of gentle movements practiced for more than 2000 years in China. It features fluid movements and positions that are tied to the breath with mindfulness. It not only can improve stamina and strength, it improves blood pressure and boosts circulation. Best of all, it’s perfectly safe for almost everyone, even people with heart disease, who have had heart failure, bypass surgery or myocardial infarction. That means you can improve your circulation to help overcome those problems.

Consider floating.

Float therapy is another low impact way to aid poor circulation that everyone can do. You lay in ten inches of water supersaturated with Epsom salts. That makes the water dense, so you float on top of it. You’ll take any pressure off joints and muscles, while lowering your blood pressure and improving your circulation. Float therapy also provides magnesium for your body, can also lower blood pressure and is heart healthy.

Try a cryochamber for a boost in circulation.

If you’re in good health, just with poor circulation, it’s time to nip that problem of poor circulation before it leads to other health issues. A cryotherapy treatment could be the answer you’re hoping to find. In just three minutes, you’ll have amazing results and improved circulation. A cryochamber lowers the temperature to a negative 240 degrees. That causes the blood vessels to constrict and move more to the core. It helps enrich the blood. Once you’re out, the vessels return to normal and the nutrient and oxygen rich blood goes to all parts of the body, boosting circulation.

  • Sweating helps increase circulation. If you use an infrared sauna to boost circulation, you’ll be giving your heart a workout. It increases the heartrate and blood flow to all parts of the body in an effort to cool via sweating.
  • Breathing easier can also help you move more to improve your circulation. Starting with halotherapy, which is dry salt therapy, you can help improve conditions like lung function, breathing and reduce shortness of breath, so you’re able to move to the next step of improving circulation.
  • While working out regularly and eating healthy is a sure way to boost circulation, not everyone is able to do that. Finding an alternative that helps you improve and then move to the next stage (exercising), can be the best way to improve your circulation.
  • A massage is also good for circulation. Not only does it boost circulation, it relaxes muscles and tissue that if tight, can cause the problem.
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