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March 25, 2019

Lower Blood Pressure With Cryotherapy

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Having high blood pressure can create problems that range from heart failure to a stroke. It can cause vision problems, aneurysms, diabetes and loss of vision. One of the causes of the damage from high blood pressure occurs in the arteries. It can damage the artery walls, which then is repaired with plaque. That starts atherosclerosis. The more plaque that occurs, the narrower the arteries become, increasing the blood pressure even more. That starts a snowball effect leading down a road that nobody should travel. It’s time to take action and lower blood pressure with cryotherapy.

Inflammation plays a role in high blood pressure.

Inflammation is good sometimes. It’s part of the immune system of the body. It occurs when the white blood cells release chemicals that increase blood flow to aid in healing. You’ve probably noticed it if you’ve ever scraped or cut yourself. It raises the area and turns it red and warm. CRP—C-reactive protein—is the inflammation marker in the blood. When you have a high amount of it in the blood, the chances of having high blood pressure are great. Knowing that brings up the question, which came first. Did the high blood pressure increase the CRP or did the high amount of CRP and inflammation increase the blood pressure? It also brings up the potential that by reducing the CRP can also reduce the blood pressure.

There are studies that show that you can reduce high blood pressure with cryotherapy.

There are even clinical trials that show that cryotherapy, when combined with physical activity, can lower blood pressure. Cryotherapy reduces the amount of CRP in the blood, which can lower the potential for cholesterol plaque. By reducing inflammation, it also lowers blood pressure. Cryotherapy can start the blood vessels to constrict and dilate, which reduces the heart’s work and lowers high blood pressure.

Cryotherapy can help you lose weight.

Whole body cryotherapy has the ability to help you lose weight and that also helps lower your blood pressure. It boosts your body’s metabolism and can increase burning up to 800 extra calories with just three minutes in the cryochamber. Think about how your body reacts to going out in extremely cold weather. It changes blood flow to ensure the core organs are kept warmer, narrowing the blood vessels and causing you to shiver. It’s almost like exercise, with each shiver it’s burning more calories. Weight loss is often important for lowering blood pressure.

  • You’ll lower hormones created for stress, such as cortisol. Cortisol increases weight around your middle which is called visceral fat. That’s the most dangerous type of fat, since it crowds organs and increases the risk for high blood pressure.
  • You’ll sleep better when you use cryotherapy. Studies show that when you don’t get enough sleep, it increases the hunger hormone and reduces the hormone that makes you feel full.
  • Time in a cryochamber should never exceed five minutes. In fact, most people normally do not exceed three minutes.
  • While cryotherapy eventually lowers blood pressure, it can raise it while you’re in the chamber. Those with extremely high blood pressure, heart disease or serious medical conditions should always consult their physician first or consider an alternative like float therapy.
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