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April 16, 2019

A Float Pool In Corona

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You often see people lounging around the pool and some frequenting a floating bar when you go to posh resorts. It sounds like fun and sounds relaxing, but float therapy isn’t a floating lounge, it’s even better. It’s the ultimate in relaxation to free your mind from all sensory input, including the sense of touch. You float atop a mixture of Epsom salt and water that suspends you weightlessly without putting any pressure on your body. It frees the mind and the spirit. There is a post float retreat area to go to after the float to savor the experience.

There is a lounge at some providers.

Every facility is different and provides different amenities. Some provide actual tanks while others provide large rooms with floating areas inside that eliminate the potential for claustrophobia. We offer both tanks and larger cabins to ensure more people can enjoy the experience. As noted before, we also offer a post float retreat area to enjoy the relaxed feeling longer after the experience … although floating really is the ultimate experience.

Floating can help you mentally relax, something even sleep can’t do.

If you’ve gone through sleepless nights or tossing and turning, only to wake up in a panic when you suddenly find yourself worrying about the kids, the job or even your health, you’ll appreciate the float tank. The lowered sensory input to the brain and nervous system has been shown to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, stress and even depression, which often keep people awake at night. The amazing relaxation that takes place in a float tank can help regulate your sleep pattern.

Floating can boost your overall health and help you heal faster.

Float therapy can help you sleep better and relax, that alone can boost your immune system. It also helps painful conditions like arthritis and muscle strain for two reasons. One is the magnesium in the water that comes from the Epsom salt. Magnesium can be absorbed through the skin and helps relax the muscles. The weightlessness also relieves pressure on sore muscles to help boost circulation, so they heal faster.

  • We also offer tanks large enough for two. It’s the perfect way for a couple to relax and wind down together and spend some time afterward together in the post retreat area.
  • Since you’re suspended in water and Epsom salt that keep you buoyant, it’s like being in a zero gravity situation, which is an experience few have had.
  • Floating gives you mental freedom and some people find it boosts their creativity.
  • If you’re an athlete who wants an improved performance, try floating, especially after a workout. It helps reduce the lactic acid in the blood and reduce pain and stiffness. Some studies show it improves athletic performance.
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