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August 3, 2019

Is Cryotherapy Safe

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There are many reasons to use cryotherapy. Some people use it to slow or reverse the effects of aging on skin. Others use it as an aid for relieving pain. In fact, in Europe, it’s even covered by health insurance. Does that mean it’s safe for everyone? That depends on the type of cryotherapy used and the overall health condition of the person using it. The three types of cryotherapy offered at Float State are cryofacials, localized cryotherapy and full body cryotherapy.

There are many safety measures in place.

Even though cryotherapy has been around for a long time, the cryochamber caused it to become popular as a complementary wellness and health option. In the past, ice baths were used to help prevent swelling and boost healing time by athletes, today athletes aren’t forced to sit in icy baths but just spend three minutes in a cryochamber, which is far more comfortable. The chambers are closely monitored and have many safety devices. The localized and cryofacials have the same potential for injury as ice packs and most people have one of those in their freezer, particularly if they’re active.

Generally, experts agree that cryotherapy is safe, but care should be taken if you have specific conditions.

If you have certain conditions like poorly controlled or uncontrolled high blood pressure, major heart or lung disease, allergies triggered by the cold, poor circulation made worse by the cold and neuropathy, some health care professionals suggest the stress of the cold might make the condition worse. Most healthcare specialists agree that people with heart conditions, a pacemaker, claustrophobia, seizures, a history of a stroke or severe high blood pressure should not try it, neither should pregnant women or children, as a precautionary step. Before beginning whole body cryotherapy, always discuss it with your physician or healthcare professional.

At Float State, we focus on improving your health with complementary treatments keeping safety always a top priority.

We have a well-trained dedicated staff that ensures our clients receive the care with safety a top priority. We have such a wide variety of therapies, which include The NormaTec full body recovery system that also increases circulation and reduces soreness and pain. The NormaTec System was approved by the FDA to treat a variety of circulatory conditions, non-healing wounds and lymphedema. Float State also has a wide variety of other complementary treatments that could be viable alternatives if cryotherapy isn’t right for you.

  • Cryotherapy promotes rapid healing and helps prevent muscle soreness. It was originally created and proven to help reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.
  • Studies show it helps improve sleep and sleep patterns, which also boosts healing.
  • Whole body cryotherapy increases the release of endorphins, the feel good hormone. It can leave you feeling good and boost your happiness, overall mood and feeling of well-being.
  • If you’re unsure of the best therapy for your needs and overall health, talk to our knowledgeable staff at Float State to find the one that’s the best for you. We have many different complementary therapies because everyone has different needs.
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