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August 14, 2019

Let Crytherapy Ease Your Pain

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If you’ve lived in pain for years and are tired of the endless need for medication that barely touches the pain or ones that create other health issues, cryotherapy treatment in Corona, CA might be your answer. The body has natural pain treatment, but sometimes, it’s just not enough. That’s normally when people turn to the pharmaceutical industry for the latest pain reliever. Unfortunately, some medications have side effects and those strong enough to tackle overwhelming pain are often addictive. If you’re not welcoming either type of reaction, maybe it’s time to let cryotherapy ease your pain.

Cryotherapy was developed to help fight the pain of rheumatoid arthritis.

A Japanese doctor, Toshima Yamauchi, created it in 1978 to help relieve the pain that occurs with rheumatoid arthritis. While the technology has improved dramatically from that first successful use, the relief of pain is still one of the results. The super cooled chamber chills the body and sends the blood deep inside the core to keep it warm by constricting peripheral vessels. You stay in the cold chamber for about three minutes while the blood circulates deeply, cleansing and picking up oxygen and nutrients to feed the cells. When you step out, that nutrient laden blood flows quickly back to the surface areas boosting circulation and reducing inflammation.

Athletes use cryochambers to help relieve pain and speed healing.

The old ice bath is out and the cryochamber is in when it comes to healing aching bodies in sports. It doesn’t take as long and is far less painful as sitting in a bath of icy water for hours. Some sports teams have their own cryochamber for pre and post game therapy. Kobe Bryant used it to boost his recovery from knee surgery and to help with the injuries that caused aches and pains after the game.

Cryotherapy boosts endorphins, nature’s natural pain killer.

Many opiates were created to mimic the action of the body’s own pain killer, endorphins. Unfortunately, they come with a high price that can include addiction, overdoses and extremely slow breathing. Even though it’s really not in danger, the cryochamber mimics danger to the body and causes it to send out more endorphins as a survival mechanism to prevent a complete shut down. Combine that with the reduction of inflammation, it brings quick relief for pain.

  • While the cryotherapy treatment helps you relax, it also boosts your energy level. Since it’s completely safe to use, some people use it frequently for that reason.
  • Many injuries will feel better if there’s increased circulation. The relief from pain allows the person to move more after the treatment, increasing circulation and aiding in recovery even more.
  • Cryotherapy boosts the body’s ability to relax and helps improve sleep. Sleep is the time the body heals and deals with the problems of the day. Pain can rob you of sleep, exacerbating the injury or condition.
  • You’ll feel energetic for hours after a cryochamber treatment. Try our facilities and you’ll understand why people use it for pain relief, relaxation and increased energy.
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