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April 22, 2022

Float Therapy while Pregnant w/ Karina G.

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Did you know Float Therapy can be a great way for pregnant women to relieve added physical and mental stress?

Few people know of the host of benefits floating while pregnant can provide. So we decided to take advantage and ask one of our very own team members, Karina, to answer some questions about her experience. We hope you enjoy reading and learning a little bit more about what women can expect when floating while pregnant. Please share this with your friends and family.

Were you nervous at all about floating while pregnant?

I remember seeing women come in to float during their 2nd and third trimesters and wishing I knew about floatation therapy during my first two pregnancies. So stoked I got to float while carrying my third baby. The first float in maternity was exciting. Being in that space with another life inside of me was awesome. Experiencing the beat of two hearts while suspended in water and surrounded by silence, magic.

Did you have questions that needed answering first? What were they?

Before setting up a float session, I did a quick search for any contraindications that pertained to floating while pregnant. I came across the suggestion to ask for a provider referral in high-risk pregnancy, which didn’t apply to me but was informative. I was stoked to see that floating on your belly was a thing, being that I was a tummy sleeper and definitely missed it! The floating noodles we have also added comfort to the recommended floating positions.


What were some of the key benefits you experienced from floating while pregnant?

Better sleep, relaxation, and the mental clarity that comes from unplugging from the world for an hour. There are a lot of hormonal changes that go on during pregnancy. Most of my hormonal changes really affected my emotional state and being a busy mom of two, finding some time to rest, reflect and regroup gets kinda tricky. Feeling well-rested and calm with a dash of that post-float glow was pretty much the perfect reset. Also, I noticed the uninterrupted sleep I got on the days I floated.

How would you rate your level of comfort and stress before floating compared to after?

Float tank 1–stress 0

Was there anything surprising about floating pregnant that you experienced differently from floating before?

The farther along I got through my pregnancy, I noticed my center balance was affected by the baby’s position. I’d notice my body leaning more to the left or the right
During our maternity photoshoot. James had to roll me over like a log to turn me over on my right because the baby was resting on my left side. Feeling and hearing the baby’s heartbeat was definitely one of the coolest things, followed by the movements and kicks. Having access to tune in to your baby with no other sensory distractions was beautiful.

What was it like to take time for yourself to do this therapy?

The overall experience of self-care at Float State. (think tea time after/before, journaling, the whole experience)

Float state will always be one of my favorite places. As a place of work and as a place to chill. The people, the energy, the services, and everything that stems from it. It’s genuine. For me, Experiencing the facility from a client’s perspective is all the same and then some. The staff does an awesome job at making sure you’re taken care of. I always leave feeling pretty enriched. The books, the team, the sounds, the teas (Egyptian licorice) in particular, make you feel all warm inside. That’s not counting what you reap from whatever service you indulge in.


Do you have any tips, comments, or suggestions for other expecting mothers who are considering trying float therapy?

Watch the float introduction video attached to the email that’s sent your way after booking your appointment to get an idea of what to expect before you visit.

Remember not to shave the day your float session is booked!

On the day of, wear something super comfy and easy to get out of and back into, like a maxi dress.

Eat something light before your appointment.

Fill up your hydro flask/water container to have beside you, there’s water and teas offered at the facility, but I found it nice to have fast access to water in the case I got thirsty in the middle of a session.

Pack your favorite moisturizer in your purse to apply post-float. I used coconut oil throughout my pregnancy and found it nice to lather on my belly after floating.

If you’re a fan of Essential oils, throw one in your purse for post-float application for an extra therapeutic touch to the experience (I used lavender or Adaptive by Doterra).

Try floating with the noodles (ask the staff for them if not in the float room for you already)

Surrender your body to the water and the rhythm of your breath.


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