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Cryotherapy Corona

Would you run outside if someone said the temperature was -200 degrees to -250 degrees? The answer is probably, no! However, that’s just what you expose your body to when you use cryotherapy in Corona. The amazing thing is that while you don’t go into hypothermia or freeze your skin,it tricks your body into believing you do. That creates a number of changes, such as restricting outer blood vessels and sending the blood your core to stay warm. The minute you step out, the blood vessels dialate sending oxygen and nutrient rich blood to all parts of the body. It also stimulates the production of endorphins—the feel good hormones—and anti-inflammatory proteins.

So what does that mean for your body?

The increased circulation of nutrient and oxygen rich blood circulates to all cells of the body, including the skin. It gives your face a rosy glow from the increased blood flow and provides nutrients to the cells of the skin. If you have a problem such as acne or dermatitis, it helps reduce inflammation that makes it worse or even triggers the problem. It also boost collagen production, which is important for younger looking skin.

You’ll put a bounce in your step with cryotherapy.

The process is truly energizing. Not only do the endorphins and happy hormones make you feel good, the increased circulation does, too. It helps remove the toxins from the body and has both an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory effect. Both can help protect your body from serious conditions that range from cancer to Alzheimer’s disease. You can use it to treat conditions that cause pain, but also use it as a maintenance tool for the body and an energy boost.

Are you cranky because of pain?

Getting older doesn’t have to come with a laundry list of aches and pains, not when there’s a cryotherapy chamber close by you. The cryochamber will help you eliminate or greatly reduce pain. It’s one of the reasons it’s used by professional athletes and trainers. It not only increases circulation to help reduce the healing time, it triggers hormones that make you feel good and helps reduce pain and inflammation. It’s a far better option than icing, a practice where athletes sat in ice water for hours after a game.


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