Float Clinics, Corona

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You may not be aware of what float clinics in Corona can do for your health protocol and the road to wellness or even what they are. A float clinic uses a sensory deprivation flotation tank to help your body reduce the stress of the day and get back in alignment and normalcy. Too often the busy life we lead is plagued with stressors, some of which are easy to recognize, while others are more hidden. Noise stress, assaults with visual input and even tactile stressors can create sensory overload and that can lead to “dis-ease.”

A float clinic gets your body back to normal and gives it a break from environmental sensory stressors.

Whether you’re constantly in front of the television, driving through a busy shopping area or working at the computer, there are many visual stressors that bombard your sensors. It’s easy to recognize the auditory ones, since there’s so much written about noise pollution. The hum of the refrigerator may seem insignificant, but combine that with the television blaring or the last computer video and you have the makings of stress. If you’ve ever felt your blood pressure raise trying to make it through a crowded room to the other side, you’ll understand tactile overload, too.

In a float tank, you go from overload to nothingness.

A float tank is simple. It contains enough water heated to body temperature to keep you afloat. There’s Epsom salt added to it, so your body remains buoyant without any effort on your part. The tank has dim lights you control and an absence of sound. When you’re ready for the full effect, you turn out the lights and just exist without all the distractions caused by sensory stimulation. It’s quiet, dark and you’re in body temperature water, so you feel like you’re floating in space.

There’s no sensory input, but also no pressure on your body.

Not only do you get stress relief, you also give your body a rest from the gravitational pull. There are no pressure points or the gravitational tug you get on muscles and joints when you stand. That’s one reason people who are in pain find such relief using the float tank. It gives the body a chance to heal itself and lets the muscles relax and unkink.

  • The relaxation helps you sleep better at night and return to your natural sleep/awake cycle that often is interrupted by stress.
  • You’ll experience a heightened awareness. Some people say that colors seem more vivid after an hour long experience. It may be the same reaction you have to food after being deprived. It all tastes better.
  • People recovering from serious painful ailments or painful treatments find the float tank a valuable aid in complementary medicine. By relieving the pain, they reduce the stress that often leads to more pain.
  • The float tank experience helps relax the body and allow it to help itself heal more quickly, but it also helps the mind heal. Many studies show that it helps reduce the symptoms of anxiety and depression.