Float FAQ

Floating is most likely the simplest pastime there is. Before float, DO NOT apply oil, lotion, or perfume. It is highly recommended not to shave 3-4 hours before floating since freshly shaven skin can cause stinging. A light snack before your float is fine however consuming caffeine is not recommended as it may interfere with the ability to relax.

Tip: Arriving early will help your body transition into a more relaxed state.

You can choose to bring your swim suit; however, the float tank is situated in a private room with its own shower so it is not necessary since you may float without the restrictive clothing. Towels are provided at no additional charge. Each shower is provided with shampoo and shower gels free of charge.

Note: If you use contact lenses, please remember to bring something to store them in while you float to avoid losing them while floating.

There may be an adjustment period associated with the lack of sensory input. Our minds are so use to the overload of the senses we experience on a daily basis, entering such a relaxed state may feel abnormal at first. Acknowledge your restlessness but let this moment quickly ease your mind and let your thoughts drift.

Yes, floating can give mothers a much-needed break from gravity and be very therapeutic. It can also reduce the risk of preeclampsia. However, we do feel it is best to consult with your doctor before floating just to be safe.

Because the water is filled with Epsom salt it will sting. But, this can easily be avoided by not touching your face during the float. We provide a spray bottle and towel within reach should you get the water into your eyes.

Yes, The high concentration of mineral salts is ten times what the ocean contains, the tank is a very sterile environment – this inhibits the growth of bacteria/microorganisms. Utilizing multi-stage filtration, Ozone Plasma Gap Technology and UV light sterilization before and after each session and throughout the night, the water is safer than bath water. Our tanks are inspected throughout the day, cleaned daily, water is tested regularly, and filters are changed weekly. The entire air is filtered and exchanged between sessions. We use non-toxic Hydrogen Peroxide as an added safe and highly effective disinfectant.

No, unless several weeks have past since you dyed your hair.  You must be certain that no color is coming off in the shower before your float session. Please let us know if your was colored with in the past ten days and/or is not permanent.

The majority of people who are worried about claustrophobia find that this worry dissipates very fast. Some people experience anxiety at the idea of entering the tank. For that reason, we have created a large “Open Float Room” where you can experience the benefits of floatation without having to get into a tank or cabin. With practice, the experience of sensory deprivation allows you to simply be in the moment and perceive a seemingly boundless space. If however you really become uncomfortable, you can end your session whenever you like.

Definitely! Relax and enjoy whatever happens, sleep or just a peaceful feeling.  Don’t forget, there is over 1000 lbs of Epsom salt, your whole body will float effortlessly. More than likely it will be the best sleep you have ever had!

Your room is totally private, so you are free to float in your birthday suit. Bathing suits, jewelry, and shower caps can all be a distraction. But, if you would prefer a bathing suit you are more than welcome.