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Float Tank, Corona

There are many ways to reduce stress. You can do it through years of training in yoga or workout in a gym until you burn off all the hormones created by stress. However, there’s a simpler way that doesn’t take years, but just an hour and will leave you feeling at peace with the world and relaxed. It may sound impossible, but it isn’t. That method is using a float tank in Corona. Stress comes from many things. One common cause of stress is noise pollution.

Noise pollution causes aggravation and ultimately stress.

If you have a person in your home with a hearing disorder, you probably already know how irritating a loud television can be. In fact, you may have already experienced the agitation that comes when television commercials come on the screen with a noise as much as 20-30 decibels higher than the noise you hear riding on a motorcycle. If you mute the television, you get an ahhhhh moment and almost instant relaxation. That’s because noise pollution is real and one of the stresses people often don’t consider in daily life. It negatively affects blood pressure, hearing, stress levels, energy levels and more. In fact, it can also cause irritation to the point of conflict.

The reduction of outside sensory stimuli can help you relax and lower cortisol levels.

When the body is under stress, cortisol levels increase. This hormone is associated with visceral fat, the type of belly fat that is found with heart disease and may be at the core for many other serious conditions. The hormones of stress change the body and ready it for flight or fighting. That was good when many roamed the earth with predators deemed as harmful, but not so good when the stress comes from traffic noise, an angry boss or just a long checkout line. Using a float tank can help reduce the levels of cortisol and get your body back to normal.

What is a float tank?

A float tank is created to reduce the outside sensory stimuli. It’s a tank filled with water that is the same temperature as the human body. The tank is infused with high amounts of Epsom salt, which makes it easier for your body to be buoyant, so you effortlessly float within the surface. The space is completely quiet and dark. This brings a feeling of peace, since there’s no effort on muscles, lights to deal with or noise to endure. The temperature of the water reduces the tactile experience too.

  • Float tanks are amazing when it comes to pain relief in conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, traumatic injuries, and osteoarthritis and other chronic degenerative conditions.
  • Studies show that continued use of float tanks can lower blood pressure in people with hypertension.
  • Use of a float tank can also help reduce digestive problems, by lowering the stress levels that often cause the problem.
  • Float tanks have proven helpful in treating addictions and addictive behaviors by reducing the withdrawal symptoms. It’s been found useful in aiding people in weight loss, too.

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