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Float Therapy Chino

You’ll boost your results when you add float therapy in Chino to your workout regimen. Whether you’re attempting to lose weight or just want to get fitter, it can help. A float therapy tank was once called a sensory deprivation tank, which sounds a bit scary, particularly since the movie “Altered States” came out. The tanks are perfectly safe and provide relaxation and stress relief, plus many other benefits. They’re filled with body temperature water and hundreds of pounds of Epsom salts that not only disinfect the water, but also make it denser so you float effortlessly. The room is soundproof, as is the tank, and you control the dim lights, shutting them off when you’re ready. You’re in total control.

Floating your pain away can be sublime.

The weightlessness you feel from floating within the dense Epsom salt solution relieves your muscles and joints from the tug of gravity and brings relief from pain. Some people go into the flotation tank, not realizing they had pain, since it was with them so long, they simply adjusted to it. When they come out, they can’t believe how wonderful they feel and what being pain free is really like. This free floating can help muscles heal after working out and also aid chronic conditions.

The float tank can help you lose weight.

Whether it’s the boost in consciousness that makes you more aware of each bite you take, which is often called conscious eating in Yoga circles, or the endorphin high you get from the tank that helps you curb your addiction to sugary products and food, the float tank does help you shed pounds. It’s not a magic cure all that you go into overweight and suddenly emerge from the tank thin. However, it does bring stress relief and put you more in control, so you, not your addiction to food or other substances, make the conscious decision not only whether to eat, but what to eat. It helps reduce the need for comfort food and break the sugar cycle.

The float tank is good for other physical problems.

Conditions like fibromyalgia and arthritis can be painful. The chronic pain is often debilitating, but the float tank can bring relief. Your body doesn’t have to put forth any effort to gently float atop the saline water and you finally get relaxation and even sleep. It helps reduce and eliminate stress, lowers cortisol levels and boosts dopamine “happy hormones” in the body, while also combating insomnia that is shown to increase pain in chronic conditions.

  • The float tank can bring huge benefits for people with high blood pressure. It helps lower blood pressure by reducing stress that can cause it. Best of all, the benefits are cumulative, so the more you use the float tank, the more benefits you reap.
  • Your skin will positively glow when you’re done in the float tank. Part of the reason is the exfoliating nature of the Epsom salt water.
  • The float tank can help improve your magnesium levels. Epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, so the water is loaded with it. It enters the body transdermally, through the skin. Magnesium controls many bodily functions, including normalizing blood pressure, balancing calcium levels, reducing the risk of serious diseases, including cancer.
  • Your disposition will improve after just one float. You’ll find you’re more relaxed and able to cope with the stresses of the day easier.

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