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Float Therapy, Corona

If you’ve been looking for a unique gift that will bring relaxation, pain relief and peace of mind, float therapy in Corona may be exactly the right present. Float therapy has been around for a while, but it’s only resurged in popularity recently. It was known as sensory deprivation therapy in the 70s and quite popular for its mind expansion experience, but has been studied since then and refined to offer more than just a mental exploration experience, but true medical benefits, such as relief from pain. It’s also known for its ability to lower stress levels, which helps boost the immune system.

Studies show that pain relief is just a float away.

Chronic conditions that cause pain and ultimately the use of strong drugs (with side effects) to relieve pain can be helped with an hour of floating and each time the pain subsides longer. While it’s not as convenient as popping a pill, since it does take more time, it doesn’t have the side effects potent medications for pain relief often bring and isn’t addictive. In fact, it’s often used to help overcome addictions. If you’ve ever had a reaction to pain medication, where you wondered whether the upset stomach was worse than the original pain, consider floating away the pain, or give it as a gift to a friend in need.

Sleep can be illusive, but not when you float.

Insomnia is more than frustrating, it’s dangerous. It can increase your risk for serious conditions, such as heart disease. It leaves you dragged out during the day and often craving sweets to give a boost of energy. That can cause weight problems or roller coaster sugar levels. One study showed that after two sessions a week for two weeks, people who once suffered from insomnia had their sleep cycle reset and no longer had a problem.

Is floating dangerous?

Quite the contrary. The process starts with a tank filled with body temperature water that has huge amounts of Epsom salt in it. The Epsom salt makes your body buoyant so it floats and also makes it almost impossible to roll over, which eliminates the fear of falling asleep and potentially gulping salty water or inhaling it. The tank is sound proofed and you have control over the lighting, so when you’re ready, you turn off the light and simply relax in the quiet, darkness floating in a sea of tranquility.


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