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Float Therapy, Riverside

Are everyday problems clogging your mind and making it impossible to focus on work? That can lead to even more dilemmas if it affects your productivity and ultimately, your paycheck. Consider trying float therapy at Riverside to relax your body and mind and bring back the creativity that you need to succeed. Finding a place that offers it isn’t easy, luckily there’s one in the area of Riverside. Float therapy does more than just allow your creative side to blossom, it also has many health benefits that it provides.

Is your blood pressure over the top and difficult to lower?

Just driving in traffic is enough to send your blood pressure skyrocketing. It doesn’t have to be that way. You can lower your blood pressure or avoid the problem when you regularly have float therapy. The benefits are cumulative, so the more you float, the better results you’ll see. It’s also perfectly safe. While it’s never a substitute for visiting a doctor, it’s a huge benefit as a complementary aid to lowering and maintaining lower blood pressure.

Are you ready to quit smoking?

Quitting any addiction is tough, but studies show that float tank sessions makes it easier. It stimulates the endorphin production in the brain, so you’ll get the boost you need while overcoming the effects of withdrawal. It also helps lower pain from withdrawal of other types of addictions, including overeating and substance abuse. It’s the perfect complementary aid to a smoking cessation or other type of program to end addictive habits. You’ll feel relaxed and refreshed, without the urge to scream at the next person you see. It simply helps cut the agitation you feel from nicotine withdrawal.

Try it for relaxation.

It’s not hard to do or even scary once you try it. The tank is filled with water that matches your body temperature. A huge amount of Epsom salt is added. Not only is the Epsom salt a natural disinfectant, it also makes the water denser, so your body remains buoyant and you float without effort. In fact, its so dense, that rolling over is almost impossible, so there’s no chance of drowning. The room and tank is soundproof and when you’re ready, you shut off the dim lights. It’s completely quiet, dark and with the water matching your body temperature, lacks tactile stimulation, too. When your time is finished, you’re gently awakened by soft music.


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