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Salt Cave Therapy

A Natural Approach.

Halotherapy has helped many people get relief from asthma, allergies, sinusitis and sinus headache, COPD (Stage 3 and lower). cystic fibrosis, exposure to dust and pollution and other conditions that affect breathing. People with psoriasis, eczema and acne also visit salt rooms for relief from these common skin ailments. Halotherapy is simply a natural approach to wellness that’s helped people breathe better, feel better, sleep more soundly and experience a deep state of relaxation.

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Halotherapy comes to us by way of Eastern Europe, where salt room technology and its benefits have been researched for more than 30 years. Our Float State salt therapy room is equipped with a halogenerator – the machine that makes modern salt therapy possible. It produces dry salt aerosol, which is simply the combination of micronized salt and air that is dispersed in the salt room. Because this salt room is outfitted with advanced halotherapy equipment, the level of dry salt aerosol saturation can be controlled. Throughout the salt therapy session you may hear the grinder and fan operating. This occurs in response to a sensor that measures the level of salt in the air, which keeps the salt enriched air you breathe at a comfortable, therapeutic concentration.

Our Halomed halogenerator was made by the company that pioneered modern halotherapy, and its technology is directly based on the specifications of the world’s leading halotherapy authority, Alina Chervinskaya, M.D, Ph.D.

Wellness Support

Halotherapy is a natural approach to wellness. A well-designed salt room simply replicates natural microclimates – such the “destination” subterranean salt caves of Eastern Europe. A dry breezy day at the seashore – with the wind coming in off the ocean – offers a very low dose of natural halotherapy, but in our salt room, you can accomplish in 45 minutes what would take four days at the beach. Halotherapy can calm allergies, coughs, sinus inflammation and so much more.

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Origins of Halotherapy

Salt therapy dates back hundreds of years, when doctors in Eastern Europe prescribed visits to special salt mines, often elaborately furnished, for relief from respiratory ailments. Now you can come to Float State for the benefits of salt therapy in our state-of-the-art salt room, where effective and safe benefits of natural salt caves are faithfully replicated.


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