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Make Your Massage Experience Unique at Float State

Enjoy your massage in our beautiful and healing salt cave. The salt cave provides respiratory healing and added relaxation.

At Float State we have amazing and experienced therapists, who truly enjoy their craft.

After your massage slip into a float, let your muscles fully relax in our luxury pools, and experience the ultimate post-massage bliss.

Enjoy our beautiful facility with the someone you love.

Meet Our Therapists

Lynda Manier

Linda has been perfecting her massage technique for 15 years. She attended massage school at The Wholistic Life Center, a 900 acre property nestled in the Ozark mountains of Missouri.

She loves knowing her talents can change someones day for the better.

Karina has been a practicing massage therapist for over 7 years. Since her graduated from American College of Healthcare, she’s had the opportunity to work on athletic recoveries, chronic injuries, relaxation sessions and everything in between. Having a career that directly influences a clients health and well being is nothing short of fulfilling.

Karina Gomez