Single Float
60-Minute Session



Single Sauna
40-Minute Session



Single Cryo
3-Minute Session



45-Minute Session



Lucia No.3 Hypnagogic Light
30-Minute Session



NormaTec Recovery System
30-Minute Session

60 Min.


$70 for members

60-Minute Session

call to book

Halo Massage


$119 for members

Salt Cave Massage
60-Minute Session

call to book

90 Min


$99 for members

90-Minute Session

call to book

Save BIG with Membership



Monthly Membership

9 Universal credits
(ex. 3 Floats, 3 Cryo, 3 Lucia)

$35 /additional floats
25% off other services(excluding massage)

(Credits sharable with this membership)


Monthly Membership

6 Universal credits
(ex. 2 Floats, 2 Cryo, 2 Lucia)

$40 /additional floats
20% off other services(excluding massage)

(Credits shareable with this membership)


Monthly Membership

3 Universal credits
(ex. 1 Float, 1 Cryo, 1 Lucia)

$45 /additional floats
15% off other services(exluding massage)


Monthly Membership

additional floats
just $49/ea.


Unlimited Infrared Sauna

Monthly Membership:
One sauna per day/40 minute sessions




Monthly Cryotherapy

16 Sessions: whole body, local or Cryo-facial


Unlimited Float

Monthly Membership
One Float per day / One Hour Float


Yearly Membership

52 Universal credits
for $35 each
SAVE $1,560


Month-to-month membership with only a 30 day notice needed, no long-term commitment.
By signing up for the membership you are authorizing a monthly charge by Float State to your Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Discover.


By joining our monthly membership you can enjoy our services at a discounted rate, the perks are different for each membership

Discounted pricing is shareable with friends & family when you come together.

We have different memberships to cater to the athlete, avid floater or the casual spa guest!

Please contact us for more information.


Float State Etiquette:
Please arrive early (at least 10 to 15 minutes, especially if it is your first visit), so that you can begin your experience in a relaxed state of mind.

Cancellations / No Shows:
Session time is valuable. We honor your time by being present and reserving that space specifically for you. If you cancel with less than 12 hours notice and we are unable to fill the space you reserved, you will be billed up to the price of the scheduled service for that missed appointment. This must be paid in full before booking your next appointment. Thank you.

Late Arrivals:
Arriving late for a float or service may require us to shorten the length of the service, with full charges applied, so as not to inconvenience other customers.

There are no refunds for gift cards, gift certificates or series. You cannot transfer services from series before or after expiration. Please make sure you are ready to commit to yourself and services before purchasing!