Sensory Deprivation, Corona

Have you ever taken a vacation to get away from it all and found that you ended up more stressed than you were before the vacation. Between the endless planning, hassles at the airport and rush to see everything at your vacation spot, you lost the real reason for getting away, enjoyment and relaxation. Now you can get the sense of relaxation without the high cost and stressful planning. Indulging yourself in the experience of a sensory deprivation flotation tank in Corona might be just what you need and it only takes an hour.

What is a sensory deprivation flotation tank?

A flotation tank is nothing more than a tank filled with water that has enough Epsom salt so you float without effort. The water is body temperature and the tank is devoid of light and noise. One would imagine that if the sound of a heartbeat were added, it would be much like being in the womb. You float effortlessly, devoid of tactile, sound or visual stimulation and just “be.” The result is sense of peace, diminished stress and even physical benefits, such as lower blood pressure.

It’s a vacation that lasts longer than the hour you spend.

People emerge from the tank with a deep sense of relaxation. Some actually report that their experience heightened their senses and made them more aware of their surroundings. A study in the Journal of Complimentary & Behavioral Medicine in 2014 hinted that the deep relaxation from the use of the tank may actually come from lowering the stress response in the body.

It gets better and better with each experience in the flotation tank.

Some people have problems adjusting to the experience of lack of sensory input from sight, touch and sound, but by the end find it positively enjoyable and relaxing. The effects last a few hours, when life sets back in with all the stresses that it contains. Those that go back for more, find the second time around the adjustment is far easier and they actually get more from the experience in the tank. In fact, the more you experience the relaxation, the longer that relaxation seems to last. After a while, a visit could be far more rejuvenating than a week long vacation.

  • There are other reasons to try the sensory deprivation flotation tank. One important one is relief from pain. Studies suggest that flotation is actually a natural pain killer. Anyone who went into the tank under the duress of pain, will often come out of it pain free or greatly relieved.
  • If you’re an insomniac, you’ll love how much better you’ll sleep after just a few sessions. It may take only two weeks to restore your sleep pattern and get your circadian rhythm back into sync.
  • You’ll be floating in water saturated in Epsom salt—magnesium sulfate. Since magnesium transfers into the body transdermally, it helps overcome magnesium shortages that can cause hypertension, headaches, diabetes and increase the chances of heart disease.
  • The magnesium in the water also promotes better skin.