Richard T.

This is place is hands down amazing.. The staff is super friendly nice and effective.. the floating, lights, massages… uh, I love it.. I’ll be back regularly.

Jo-an M.

Float??? Why??? Because It’s worth a try.. if you don’t give ideas, food, practically anything a try, you won’t know if you like it or not.

Sonia O.

After suffering with anxiety and working 28 days almost straight, my float was exactly what I needed. I felt weightless and relaxed. I slept so good that night after my float and look forward to going back to try out the salt cave and the single float tank! The staff was amazing and knowledgeable and gave us a tour of the spa! Definitely going back!

Elizabeth D. Wow.

Just had the best first experience at Float State!! Tim & I did the couples float. I have to admit that I was apprehensive as to the benefits and if I was going to actually be able to relax. I’ve tried meditation in the past and would just be bored counting down the minutes. This was NOT the case at Float State. We were shown to the couples room by the owner, James Sirls. Told the ropes and procedures. Strip, shower, put in your ear plugs, climb in and turn out the lights. It’s a shallow salt water tub – it’s huge – I didn’t even know Tim was in there with me. The complete darkness and lack of sound combined with the zero gravity sensation of floating causes your whole body to relax! Tim fell asleep .I felt all of the tension leave my body. And before I knew it the calming music came back on after 60 minutes to bring you back to Earth. Another shower to remove the salt and redress. A great selection of hot tea to choose from in the back lobby and got to meet another veteran experiencing his first float too. Plus they sell kombucha which I got for the road! As a mom I cannot tell you how relaxing it was to not have anyone touch or talk to me for an hour. To not have any worries. To simply be! I left feeling as if I just had a week tropical vacation. Revitalized! I will DEFINITELY be back!!! Check them out at Dos Lagos!!

Jasmine H.

I was happy when I saw this place was opening, but never got around to checking it out. I was feeling stressed this past week and thought to try the float tank and stumbled upon a Groupon and it was a good deal for the first time. I enjoyed every moment. The environment is calming and the staff was friendly. I had went shortly after I got off work so it was easy for me to relax during the float because I felt like I needed to unwind. I was bummed I didn’t get to sit and relax after because my high strung mother did a float as well (thankfully her float calmed her a little).

I will definitely be returning and hopefully sooner rather than later Side note: I didn’t know there was a membership until I got home and looked on the website to see their regular prices. As someone who’s worked customer service and in a spa environment, it would’ve been helpful if they asked if I known they had a membership. I might have signed up right then. I most likely return, but I would’ve loved to hear about it pre or post float.

Leilanie T.

Float Float On by the Floaters For the longest time I was stalking Float State. I remember randomly being at Dos Lagos and seeing the sign that they were in construction. Since then, I’ve followed them on Instagram, bought a discounted gift card during the holidays, and stalked them some more. It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas that I decided to finally use my gift card to get a massage while I was in the area. I’m so glad I did. Booking the appointment was a breeze. And that theme stuck throughout my visit. I arrived early so they escorted me to the back room to relax. When my masseuse Karina arrived, I was well attended to. I mentioned how I have really tight glutes, shoulders, and neck and prefer medium to hard pressure. Karina went in on my knots, beat them to a pulp, and made me feel 10 years younger. After the 2 days of soreness, I felt more mobility in my neck, I’ve even been able to crack it which I haven’t been able to do in awhile. She’s definitely a miracle workers, and true healer. I still have money on my gift card and cannot wait to visit Caliornia again and well, Float State, for another massage and hopefully a float.

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Float State
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Brea Andrea
Brea Andrea
00:54 14 Jan 20
I absolutely love this place! I did my first ever Float here and I wish I could afford to come every week because it... saved my life. I tend to fall asleep when I attempt to medidate in other settings, but this gave me time to process a lot of things. The atmosphere is amazing. The staff is friendly. I can't say enough nice things about this place.read more
Jodi M
Jodi M
04:06 02 Jan 20
Today was my first time at Float State. I bought the groupon for the salt cave. I didn't know what to expect, but the... staff was helpful. Everything is very clean. I wore comfy clothes and removed my shoes before entering the room. The temperature was perfect, the lighting amazing, and within a few moments I was blissfully at peace. I believe I even dozed off. It felt like a spa day. There was a soft knock at the door when my session was over. Afterward . I was shown the lounge in the rear where I enjoyed a cup of warm green tea and spent some quiet time journaling in the books provided. I can't wait to return. Next time I want to float. Thank you for your service, calm, and cleanliness.read more
Chelsea Bell
Chelsea Bell
19:10 17 Nov 19
Such a relaxing experience. The whole place feels zen and calm. Great energy and the attention to little details did... not go unnoticed. (Crystals, music, tea/water, shoes off) I did the salt float and found it healing for mind and body. I went in a bit skeptical and not expecting much but I was very pleased and would love to go back.read more
Melanie Steinkirchner
Melanie Steinkirchner
15:01 16 Sep 19
WOW!!! I finally tried Float State and I'm so happy I did! I was hesitant, I don't know why but just couldn't imagine... "floating" for an hour. My husband surprised me for our anniversary and booked us there. We sat in the Salt Room for an hour which was super cool. We chatted and relaxed. Then we did the "float". Just relaxed (no chatting lol) and floated for an hour. It was all pretty cool and we felt great after! Bonus: my skin and hair are super soft now!!! We will be back!read more
Alice Alvarez
Alice Alvarez
04:40 17 Aug 19
This place is so amazing. Been here twice and I already can't wait to go back. Staff is super friendly and welcoming.... The environment is so relaxing the moment you walk in. I tried the float tank and the couple's float and I really enjoyed both. I highly recommend it to anyone!read more
Inga Wuerges
Inga Wuerges
04:14 26 Jul 19
The best relaxation after a busy work day! Excellent staff and facility. Love cryo, super cool! Sweat it out in an... infrared sauna! Breath easier after salt room. Or float your tension away in a tank. Every procedure is beautifully set up. Great atmosphere to relax in!!! Highly recommend it!read more
17:30 23 Jun 19
First time floating and I am feeling relaxed. Self care is always in style. Taking that hour away from the world was... truly a gift. I felt my self awareness increase with this experience. Come in with no expectations and an open mind. You will enjoy. The staff is friendly and informative. Give it a try.read more
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