• Richard T.
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    5.0 star rating


    This is place is hands down amazing.. The staff is super friendly nice and effective.. the floating, lights, massages… uh, i love it.. ill be back regularly.

  • Elizabeth D.
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    5.0 star rating


    Just had the best first experience at Float State!!
    Tim & I did the couples float.
    I have to admit that I was apprehensive as to the benefits and if I was going to actually be able to relax. I’ve tried meditation in the past and would just be bored counting down the minutes. This was NOT the case at Float State.

    We were shown to the couples room by the owner, James Sirls. Told the ropes and procedures.
    Strip, shower, put in your ear plugs, climb in and turn out the lights.
    It’s a shallow salt water tub – it’s huge – I didn’t even know Tim was in there with me.
    The complete darkness and lack of sound combined with the zero gravity sensation of floating causes your whole body to relax! Tim fell asleep
    I felt all of the tension leave my body. And before I knew it the calming music came back on after 60 minutes to bring you back to Earth.
    Another shower to remove the salt and redress.
    A great selection of hot tea to choose from in the back lobby and got to meet another veteran experiencing his first float too.
    Plus they sell kombucha which I got for the road!
    As a mom I cannot tell you how relaxing it was to not have anyone touch or talk to me for an hour. To not have any worries. To simply be!
    I left feeling as if I just had a week tropical vacation. Revitalized!
    I will DEFINITELY be back!!!
    Check them out at Dos Lagos!!

  • Jasmine H.
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    5.0 star rating


    I was happy when I saw this place was opening, but never got around to checking it out. I was feeling stressed this past week and thought to try the float tank and stumbled upon a Groupon and it was a good deal for the first time. I enjoyed every moment. The environment is calming and the staff was friendly. I had went shortly after I got off work so it was easy for me to relax during the float because I felt like I needed to unwind. I was bummed I didn’t get to sit and relax after because my high strung mother did a float as well (thankfully her float calmed her a little). I will definitely be returning and hopefully sooner rather than later

    Side note: I didn’t know there was a membership until I got home and looked on the website to see their regular prices. As someone who’s worked customer service and in a spa environment, it would’ve been helpful if they asked if I known they had a membership. I might have signed up right then. I most likely will when I return if it makes sense but I would’ve loved to hear about it pre or post float

  • Leilanie T.
    5.0 star rating


    Now playing: Float Float On by the Floaters

    For the longest time I was stalking Float State. I remember randomly being at Dos Lagos and seeing the sign that they were in construction. Since then, I’ve followed them on Instagram, bought a discounted gift card during the holidays, and stalked them some more.

    It wasn’t until I moved to Las Vegas that I decided to finally use my gift card to get a massage while I was in the area. I’m so glad I did.

    Booking the appointment was a breeze. And that theme stuck throughout my visit. I arrived early so they escorted me to the back room to relax. When my masseuse Karina arrived, I was well attended to. I mentioned how I have really tight glutes, shoulders, and neck and prefer medium to hard pressure. Karina went in on my knots, beat them to a pulp, and made me feel 10 years younger. After the 2 days of soreness, I felt more mobility in my neck, I’ve even been able to crack it which I haven’t been able to do in awhile. She’s definitely a miracle workers, and true healer.

    I still have money on my gift card and cannot wait to visit Caliornia again and well, Float State, for another massage and hopefully a float.

  • Jo-an M.
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    • 1 check-in

    Float??? Why???   Because It’s worth a try..

    if you don’t give ideas, food, practically anything a try, you won’t know if you like it or not

  • Sonia O.
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    5.0 star rating


    After suffering with anxiety and working 28 days almost straight, my float was exactly what I needed.  I felt weightless and relaxed.  I slept so good that night after my float and look forward to going back to try out the salt cave and the single float tank! The staff was amazing and knowledgeable and gave us a tour of the spa! Definitely going back!

  • Lindsay D.
    5.0 star rating


    • 2 check-ins

    Had Cabin 2 for a couples float tank one hour session with the hubby.  It was so relaxing I loved every minute of it.  They also sell Doterra essential oils here.   My skin and my body feel great.  Highly recommend trying this place out staff was super friendly and the place was just the de-stressor I needed.

  • Karyn P.
    5.0 star rating


    I was a little nervous about this service-but, was pleasantly surprised! I wasn’t sure I could last 60 minutes in a “float state” and not be anxious or claustrophobic. I only wish each cabin had the option to continue to listen to soft music while floating. My friend, who came with me also agreed-as she has tinnitus and the “quietness” made her condition more apparent. I totally think I could have fallen asleep had I not just woke up from a good nights sleep.I will be back, and will book my next visit during the early afternoon (perfect nap time for me!) Also very convenient to have products available to use in the “post float ” room so you don’t have to drag all your beauty tools to make yourself presentable for an event after your visit. 2 thumbs up!

  • Phd W.
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    2.0 star rating


    Got the whole spa treatment with cryo, massage, sauna, and float.

    The cryo was fine, but the room you do it in just looks unfinished, and people can see in from the window outside which I’m not a huge fan of, I get seeing into the lobby but maybe not into the therapy rooms…

    The “message” was basically a blood pressure machine dialed up to 11. It was also pretty nice feeling, but the room where you sit for 20 mins is the same room as the cryo room which means everyone outside can look in at you. Also there was no music playing and they put me in this chair facing a tv showing nothing but advertising for more of their services. Not exactly relaxing. On top of that they leave the door to that room open so you can hear the young women in the front talking about what they need to do that day and so on….. so it was relaxing at first but eventually I just got bored and a little annoyed from listening to the staff talk amongst themselves.

    Next was the sauna which is infrared. It was like sitting in a hot car, but nice… best way I can put it  although I was told there was a radio in there, but wasnt instructed on how to turn it on and I gave up after 10 minutes. Also they provided water but it was in a glass bottle, and I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I wasn’t a big fan of sharing water bottles with everyone else who had been there.

    Then there was the float. This was the most disappointing. They played music the whole time I was in there. Isn’t a float supposed to be sensory deprivation? The music was so loud that the bass would cause my body to move in the tank thus taking me out of the experience. Also, as someone who has a lot of trouble focusing with music playing the whole float was just frustrating. I left maybe 20 minutes in to the float.

    In conclusion, this place has some cool stuff, but it doesnt seem to have the ins and outs figured out yet.

    Just my 2 cents.

  • Elizabeth L.
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    • 1 check-in

    Bought a Groupon for the float since my pregnant friend wanted to try it out. They’re closed on Mondays for deep cleaning so I wanted to be one of the firsts Tuesday morning. Signed up for the 10:30 slot for room 5 “earth” and there 5 minutes early (the email says 15 but it’s not a big deal). With the Groupon, you can call to book or just do it online. I believe all the rooms are the same price too so that’s cool! Just depends on the experience you prefer. Either way you need to leave credit card info so they can hold you accountable for showing up. I just arrived and told the lady I had a Groupon and no problemo! Parking was fine as it’s in a decent sized plaza, you might just need to walk a little bit. Also, they’ll text you the waiver before your appointment and it’s also available right after you book.

    After checking in, she explains everything to you but there’s also a cheat sheet in the room if you forget anything. I brought my own shampoo and conditioner but saved it for after my float so none of my products would affect their water. They have body wash, shampoo, conditioner (to use for the after wash), a water/vinegar rinse to get the salt out of your ears, earplugs if that’s more your vibe, water spray in case touch your face and salt gets in your eyes, Vaseline (or something like it, I forgot what it’s called) to cover any cuts like cat scratches so the salt doesn’t burn, makeup remover wipes, and towels (1 body, 2 face, 1 for the floor when you get out of the float). When she’s done explaining everything, the sets the timer. Music for 5 minutes for you to rinse off, silence for 60 minutes, and then music will start again when your float is over and you have 5 minutes to shower off the salt. The light in the tank is a button inside that you turn off when you’re in the water, and back on so you can see and get out. Afterwards, you can get some tea or water, journal, read, and chill in the lobby area.

    It was my first time floating and it was really relaxing! My arms were tired having just come from a workout and I loved how weightless I felt in the water. I touched the sides of the tank a few times which could be preventable if you go in the bigger, pool-like floats. But once I was settled I didn’t move around as much and didn’t hit the sides again. Rooms 4 and 5 earth and fire are the same I believe, both space-ship like tanks. My neck also got tired in the beginning as I was still getting situated (try floating with your hands behind your neck for a bit too). My friend also told me that they offered her a neck pillow, which I didn’t get but it’s fine! I moved my head around more and found a comfy spot. My problem was that I was straining my neck to hold my head too high above the water. Once I pushed my head back and submerged my head well past my ears, that’s when the zen really kicked in! I could hear my heartbeat and my preggo friend could kind of hear her baby’s heartbeat! I’d tilt my head down and feel like I was falling, I’d move my arms and feel like I was spinning to the side. Very interesting experience! If I were really stressed or pissed off I feel like this would be SO necessary!

    When we were sitting in the lobby, another worker (the owner?) was talking to us about the experience and my friend told him that she started SWEATING. He told her that if she comes again next time, they can adjust the temperature of the water and the ventilation in the room if your natural body temperature is higher than most people. So make sure you let them know if you’re aware that you get more hot than most people. My friend wants to come again with her boyfriend for a couples float and I definitely wouldn’t mind coming again either! The staff here is amazing, and float therapy is definitely a must try!

  • Maggie C.
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    5.0 star rating


    This place has brought so much healing and peace into my life. Before Float State I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was feeling really down in the dumps.

    Being proactive I changed my diet and some habits, but I needed something more to truly feel like I could thrive.

    THANK YOU FLOAT STATE for opening in Corona and giving me a place where I take my healing to the next level. Physically, emotionally, cognitively, and spiritually I have grown since frequenting this place. Selfishly, I hope everyone who reads this review goes to Float State, so their business can thrive, and be there, for me to do the same.

  • Jessica O.
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    5.0 star rating


    I had a great experience and everyone was so friendly. I had a great massage by Karina. We tried the salt cave with our kids and they loved it. The float is relaxing and we enjoyed it too.

  • DJ Armando Q.
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    5.0 star rating


    Duuuuuude. This place is the shiznit! The floating experience is one level of amazingness but the hospitality is just top notch. The receptionist was easy going, walked me through the process and made sure I understood everything. I floated and that was an experience I want to do again real soon. When I came out the owner was in their chill room directing some employees and when I asked him a question he dropped everything to answer and explain what I was questioning. I learned a lot about relaxation, stress relief and he gave me a mini tour. I can’t wait to come back again. I left on a natural high

  • Qasim C.
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    • 1 check-in

    This place is phenomenal in every which way.

    The facility is super clean. The salt tubs are immaculate, along with the shower area for rinsing off after soaking.

    This was my first time and the experience was surreal. Pretty much as close as you can get to “floating” in space. It took me around 15min to adapt but once you settle in, the remaining 45min flew by! The pain in my right knee subsided, along with the tension in my neck. Amazing!

    After we showered and rinsed off (they provide the good stuff – body wash, shampoo etc.), we headed over to the tea station and sipped some quality tea. Definitely a Valentine to remember!

  • Adina H.
    4.0 star rating


    The prices are a bit higher than what I am used to paying for these services in LA and Orange County, but I simply love that this place exists in the IE! I am a big fan of hour long services that encourage us to slow our minds down and meditate. The staff was very friendly and their book collection is simply superb.

  • Khanh T.
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    5.0 star rating


    Great stress reliever. Friendly staff. Reasonable price with happy hour.

    Pro tip: use the Dyson hair dryer, you will look like you got a blow out even without a brush.

  • Greg B.
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    • 1 check-in

    First time Floater and enjoyed every minute.
    You completely disconnect from all sensory input and just be!  Just you and your thoughts.  Perfect time to sort them out and re-discover what’s important.
    Definitely will be back again.  The facilities are spotless and the staff is very professional.

    James S.
    Comment from James S. of Float State
    Business Owner

    11/27/2018  Thank you so much Greg for choosing Float State as your first place to float!

  • Dan H.
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    5.0 star rating


    My wife and I had an awesome experience in the salt cave/room. On top of having an attentive staff, the salt worked! Didnt know what to expect but I went in with lower back pain and tight hamstrings. A few hours after, I realized my back wasnt hurting anymore. We will definitely be back.

  • Lori B.
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    5.0 star rating


    This place is AMAZING.  I did a float, spent some time in the salt room and then finished with the Lucia hypnagogic light therapy.  While everything was great, that Lucia light was mind blowing.  I can’t say enough about it.  You just close your eyes, listen to the music, and let the light do its magic.  I will be back many times.  All of the staff were so cool, especially David, who gave me the grand tour and took as much time as necessary to answer every question I had, and Marina who is super sweet and checked up on me, and even gave me great tea recommendations (they have amazing teas).  We are going to get a membership – worth every penny, I feel great!

  • Elyse S.
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    5.0 star rating


    Had a great time. This place is very clean and orderly. What I love is that don’t over book. We weren’t the only people there but it felt like it. I did a couples float and my husband and I felt very comfortable. They explained the process very well.

Alice Alvarez

2 months ago
This place is so amazing. Been here twice and I already can’t wait to go back. Staff is super friendly and welcoming. The environment is so relaxing the moment you walk in. I tried the float tank and the couple’s float and I really enjoyed both. I highly recommend it to anyone!
Response from the owner2 months ago
Thank you Alice for your wonderful review. It’s nice to hear from someone that has tried the sensory deprivation as a couple and solo. We strive to keep our place as tranquil and serene as possible, giving our community a place to heal from …More

Melanie Steinkirchner

a month ago
WOW!!! I finally tried Float State and I’m so happy I did! I was hesitant, I don’t know why but just couldn’t imagine “floating” for an hour. My husband surprised me for our anniversary and booked us there. We sat in the Salt Room for an …More


4 months ago
First time floating and I am feeling relaxed. Self care is always in style. Taking that hour away from the world was truly a gift. I felt my self awareness increase with this experience. Come in with no expectations and an open mind. You will enjoy. The staff is friendly and informative. Give it a try.
Response from the owner4 months ago
Thank you so much for this lovely review. You said it perfectly no expectations and an open mind! That is the best way to enjoy sensory deprivation and Float State in general. So glad you had a nice experience with us and we look forward to …More

Inga Wuerges

3 months ago
The best relaxation after a busy work day! Excellent staff and facility. Love cryo, super cool! Sweat it out in an infrared sauna! Breath easier after salt room. Or float your tension away in a tank. Every procedure is beautifully set up. Great atmosphere to relax in!!! Highly recommend it!

Allison Martinez

4 months ago
It was my first float and all I can say is wow. The environment chants relaxation the moment you step in the door. Crystals, aromatherapy, salt rock lamps. The workers are very calm kind and accommodating. I also appreciate that there is …More
Response from the owner4 months ago
Thank you Allison for your thoughtful review. We are so glad you enjoyed your experience, ambiance and the books 😉 We work hard to create a beautiful place to relax, heal, and unwind. There is so many benefits from floating beyond …More

Colleen Lincoln

a month ago
This was my first time doing float therapy and it was absolutely amazing. It was so relaxing and I will definitely be back!
Response from the owner5 days ago

Thank you Colleen for taking time to write a review. So glad you got to enjoy a float session. There is so much healing that is possible with floatation therapy. Looking forward to your next visit.

Baldeep Farmah

6 months ago
Floating, oh wow , floating. I like to try new things and am I glad I tried that. James was amazing and great to speak too. Full of information and genuine care. …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thank you Dr. Farmah! We are so glad you enjoyed your sensory deprivation experience, and are still experiencing the healing affects of float therapy. It’s a beautiful and easy way to alleviate stress, anxiety, chronic pain and so much more! Hopefully you have a float facility close to home.

Shay Held

a month ago
Amazing staff and really cool studio. I’ll be back for sure. Can’t wait to try the float room!!

Carla E

4 months ago
Planning on returning here. Absolutely loved the vibes I got. As soon as I entered I felt like I left the chaotic environment we live in. First time going into a halotherapy session.. it was very relaxing. One thing I really liked was that …More
Response from the owner4 months ago

Thank you for your thoughtful review Carla. We try our best to create a calm and serene atmosphere. We are glad that you enjoyed our health spa, and when you return to try the sensory deprivation in our float pools you will experience true rest and relaxation.

Natasha H

4 months ago
This experience was absolutely life changing and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to meditate and find a peace of mind they didn’t know they needed. Couples floating session made me feel closer with my husband! Being alone with your thoughts and focusing on yourself as a person and understanding makes life easier and clearer.
Response from the owner4 months ago
This review is so heart warming. Thank you for sharing! This is exactly why we are here in Corona. Giving space for people to feel peace, and alleviate themselves from stress, anxiety, and depression. It’s rewarding to hear that the …More

DeNina Hatcher

2 months ago
I saw this place when it first opened and thought nothing of it. Then my son had a back injury due to football and we were referred to try their cryotherapy. I took him in and started asking questions about what they offered. The …More
Response from the owner2 months ago

We are so excited you and your family have enjoyed healing and relaxation at our facility. Your son is a nice young man, and glad he’s feeling better. Thank you DeNina for the lovely endorsement.

Robert Vasquez

7 months ago
Float State is an amazing and unique environment. If you have never “floated” as I had never floated, I would 100% recommend it. The sensation I had was otherworldly yet like coming home. There seems to be a connection to ones self that is …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thank you so much for this lovely review! We are so glad you enjoyed your spa day at float state. Hopefully you were able to experience the the long lasting affects of the float, free from stress and anxiety! We hope to see you again soon.


a month ago
Tried the float for the first time, gave me anxiety for a bit but still loved the experience, will definitely try again but will try in the bigger tanks!
Response from the owner5 days ago

Thank you for taking time to write a review. Once you get past the initial anxiety of getting outside your comfort zone, there is so much healing that can happen inside a float. We look forward to your next visit and we will be sure to get you in one of the larger pools, so you can really feel the ultimate relaxation experience.

Demetrius Stearns

5 months ago
This was my first time I did cryotherapy and the float tank. Both was such an amazing experience. I really enjoyed the float tank it was so relaxing it was like I entered a different world. The staff was very welcoming and made sure I was taken care of. I will definitely be back!!!
Response from the owner4 months ago

The benefits of both cryo and floatation are incredible! We are so glad you enjoyed your services.

Brittany Brown

5 months ago
Absolutely love the ambiance of this place! I’ve had a float, cryo therapy and tried the Infrared sauna. I definitely plan on coming back. The staff are welcoming and helpful.
Response from the owner5 months ago
Thank you for leaving us such a lovely review! We strive to bring an amazing wellness spa experience to our community, and are glad you enjoyed it. the healing powers of the cryotherapy and sauna are amazing for inflammation and detox. You …More

Daniela Came

4 months ago
If you are looking for a blissful experience try Float State.The moment you enter you feel the serenity and calmes that the space offers.The floating experience brings a peace and the feeling of wellbeing. …More
Response from the owner4 months ago

Thank you Daniela for your thoughtful review, and a five star rating. We have worked hard to bring Corona a beautiful place to relax, heal, and unwind, and it brings us great joy to read reviews like this. We are glad you enjoyed your sensory deprivation experience, and looking forward to seeing you again.

Brian Carter

9 months ago
This place is absolutely amazing! Every single staff member here is friendly, helpful, and they truly want to make sure you leave relaxed and feeling good! It is very clean and peaceful. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for? You’ll love it! So glad they brought this place to the community!
Response from the owner9 months ago

Thanks Brian! You are always a delight, and we are glad you find peace at Float State.

Stacy Olney

5 months ago
Awesome, friendly staff, great services. The staff are super chill. You can tell they take advantage of their float tanks.
Response from the owner5 months ago

Thank you for taking time to give us a review. We are so glad that you have been enjoying floating with us. Yes, we do take advantage of having sensory deprivation available to us. Really all of our services, the float therapy, sauna, lucia, salt cave, yoga and massage help with mood, stress and anxiety. ZEN! See you again soon!

Demetrius stearns

5 months ago
Very wonderful place to experience a float. It was my first tome and it was amazing. Super clean place and the staff was very welcoming!!
Response from the owner4 months ago

Thank you Demetrius for leaving us a five star review. We are working diligently to get the news our about our services cryotherapy, infrared sauna, salt cave, float therapy, lucia light, yoga, and massage. Your review is very helpful and we a appreciate you. Looking for ward to your next visit!

Lex Charo

8 months ago
Upon arrival the atmosphere was very inviting and the staff was very open to going over any and all questions, as well as giving a brief walkthrough of what to expect during my Float session. The facility has a wide variety of therapeutic …More
Response from the owner8 months ago

Thank you Lex for you five star review! We are so glad you enjoyed your experience here, and looking forward to your return.

Ronnie Crayton

3 months ago
Loved it!! Staff were super friendly

Victoria Gamboa Mejia

7 months ago
Had an amazing experience! The owners were amazing and the vibe there was so calming, thank you so much for sharing your stories and for the awesome experience. I loved being able to write in the float journal and get to read other peoples …More
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thank you for you five star review! We are so glad that you enjoyed your sensory deprivation experience. Hopefully you were able to notice the long lasting serenity the following few days. Your additional tips are very helpful!

Jesse Bolado

3 months ago
Never knew there was a place so chill. Definitely coming back!

Jesse Gonzalez

a year ago
First time trying Float and it was so amazingly relaxing. Came out and threw myself in their couch with a smile. Best customer service I have ever received in a spa environment. Denise and James thank you and see you soon with my son.
Response from the owner9 months ago

Thank you Jesse, for the 5 star rating! It is our pleasure to serve, and we are looking forward to your next visit.

Araceli Alcatraz

Response from the owner5 days ago

Thank you for taking time to write a review we are so glad you enjoyed your time here at Float State.

Greg Smith

6 months ago
If you want serenity now this is the place to go, nice staff, and a great atmosphere. I would recomd this place to anyone who wants to improve their body and soul.
Response from the owner6 months ago
Thank you for this lovely review Greg! You worded it perfectly serenity for the body and soul. We provide a wide range of services that can assist the professional athlete optimize their performance with float therapy, infrared sauna or …More

Joseph Fierro

a year ago
I expieranced the floating in water. This is a great way to relax and rejuvenate your body at the same time. I also recommend the sauna to rid of all impurities. The staff is very accommodating. I already booked my next session.
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thank you Joseph, for this lovely review! We are so happy that you enjoyed your experience at Float State. You said it perfectly float therapy is an amazing way to relax and rejuvenate and the sauna is a natural way to detox the body.


a year ago
Went last week and this place is AWESOME! I’ve been to my fair share of float facilities and can say this is one of the best – facilities were immaculate, technology was first class and overall vibe was relaxing and welcoming . Will be coming back!

Brian Hahn

9 months ago
Great experience. Staff is friendly and helpful. I highly recommend it.
Response from the owner8 months ago

We are so please you enjoyed your experience Brian! Thanks for the five star review, and we look forward to serving you again soon.

Lynn Denson

a year ago
The entire experience was amazing! Staff, starting with the owner James ,is warm and supportive, the facility is clean and very tastefully done. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone!! Lynn Denson
Response from the owner6 months ago

Thanks Lynn for this lovely five star review! We are so glad that you enjoyed your sensory deprivation experience. Being immersed in nothing can be so healing, relaxing and restorative. Please come back and see us again!

Tony Flores

a year ago
I had my first float last week. James helped me, showed me the room, and gave me great advice for getting the most out of my experience. Will definitely be back!


5 months ago
So relaxing. Going back.
Response from the owner4 months ago

We are so pleased you found our space relaxing! Have you booked your next appointment yet? Enjoy cryotherapy, infrared sauna, salt cave, floating, lucia light, yoga or massage. Thank you for the five star review and we are looking forward to your next visit.

jd jd

a year ago
I am so proud to be a customer of such an awesome, loving, caring facility. I always leave happy and relaxe. I tell everyone I know about this place because … FINALLY we have one in Corona. float, cryo, Lucia light, yoga , infra red sauna ..etc! All your relaxing needs in one spot.

Maurice Alvarez

11 months ago
I suffer from a rare genetic disorder, called ”Fabry Disease.” The disease affects all the vital organs, such as the kidneys, heart, and brain, to name a few. With the disease comes some very difficult symptoms. I normally would get Enzyme …More
Response from the owner9 months ago

Maurice, You are always a pleasure to have at Float State. We are truly blessed when you walk through our doors, service booked or not.

Jacob Minkie

a year ago
This place is a one stop shop for human optimization! They have Cryotherpy , Floating, Salt Cave, Lucia light and Infrared Suana…..What more could you ask for! Tried there Recovery package which includes 3min Cryotherpy session, 40min Infrared Suana and 1hr float. Thanks Float State for such an amazing place.

Paul Baker

9 months ago
Very knowledgeable people
Response from the owner9 months ago

Thank you Paul for your five star rating! We are so glad you enjoyed your time at Float State and hope to see you again soon!

nick smith

Response from the owner6 months ago

Thank you Nick for the 5 star review! We are glad you enjoyed your experience with cryotherapy, infrared sauna and float therapy. Hope to see you again soon!

Ryan Poley

Response from the owner10 months ago

Thank you for the 5 star rating! We are pleased that you enjoyed your time with us, and hope to see you again soon.

deana Kahle

3 months ago

Misha Vesper-Gralnic

Response from the owner6 months ago
Misha! Thank you for your five star review. We are so please you enjoyed your time with us. Whether you need to recover from injury, decompress from stress or anxiety, optimize your sports performance, heal chronic pain, or just need an …More

Alexa Crayton

Response from the owner6 months ago
Thank you for your five star review! We are glad that you got an opportunity to relax, heal, and unwind. We are here six days a week offering cryotherapy, lucia light therapy, infrared sauna, our salt cave, and float therapy. Whether you …More

egr sr. reyes

11 months ago

M Quinonez

Response from the owner9 months ago

Thank you so much for the 5 star rating! We are so glad you enjoyed your time here at Float State, and look forward to serving you again.

Raul Cruz

2 months ago
Response from the owner2 months ago

Thank you Raul for the five-star review. We work hard to bring, recovery, relaxation, and healing to our community. We are glad that you appreciate our efforts, and look forward to seeing you again soon.