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Float State Flow Studio

We bring beautiful, inspirational healing classes to the community and invite you to join us. Each of your instructors specializes in creating an experience for your mind, body and spirit to thrive. You’ll be sure to feel a sense of peace, strength and connection here at Float State where everyone is welcome and everyone is loved.

Yoga, QiGong, Belly Dancing, Soundbath, and a Massage & Yoga Class (Flow Massage)

All classes are now first come, first served, please arrive early. 

Class Descriptions

All classes are $15 unless noted.

The Belly Dance Workout | Na' lah

Presenting a fusion of bellydance moves and fitness. Upbeat, easy to follow bellydance moves with a spicy cardio kick!

Qi Gong Moving Meditation | Kiyomi Zenutopia

Qigong (chee-gong) means “practicing with energy”, which increases oxygen flow in the bloodstream, and moves energy in your meridians to encourage your body to function at its best.
Qigong uses easy-to-follow, slow movements with rhythmic breathing, making it ideal for any age, any body type, in any condition.

Yin Yoga poses is based on Hatha yoga, but with an emphasis on the joints and on introspection/meditation. The poses are held in a way to open your meridians, like Qigong does, so both modalities support each other.

Both practices combine ancient knowledge with modern day mindfulness, encouraging the body to release blockages on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This class is a new and innovative practice. Kiyomi always strives to design a program that supports you the most as quickly as you are ready to transform.

Flow Massage (yoga & massage) | Maggie & Lynda (every 2nd & 4th Friday)

Lynda (Licensed Massage Therapist) & Maggie (Certified Yoga Instructor) have developed a new and innovative class! Receive all the benefits of massage & restorative yoga as you relax in a fully supported posture for 7-10 minutes, you will be pampered with massage and Thai yoga. As you lay back and relax in our tranquil space enjoy essential oils vibrational and sound healing. vThis class is perfect for all skill levels. No yoga experience necessary. This 90 min massage class is $49

Vinyasa | Paoula

This class will keep the body moving and flowing between postures; students learn dynamic transitions while challenging the breath. Vinyasa means conscious movement, which is the focus of this class. Move consciously and listen closely to the body, with practice students learn what is right for them. This class is approachable and appropriate for most fitness levels.

Heated Vinyasa | Maggie

Get ready to turn up the heat! Warming your muscles, allows you to safely work deeper. The heat heals and helps prevent injuries. As well as promotes sweating, helping rid your body of toxins. This class incorporates the smooth transitions of vinyasa flow along with longer holds designed to build strength and stamina. Please bring extra water and a towel. This is a FREE community event.

Restorative Yoga | Maggie

A fusion of long, slow, and deep stretches (yin yoga) and restorative yoga poses designed to promote rest & relaxation. Students are encouraged to use props to support themselves in poses and breath work is incorporated. These classes have a gentle and slow approach and are great for anyone of any fitness level. Restore and Rejuvenate classes will help slow the body and calm the mind while improving flexibility and releasing both physical and mental tension.

Mindful Unity Yoga | Scott

Mindfulness based, gentle postures and breath guided movements with meditation and relaxation. This is a donation based class. We recommend $10-$15 but whatever you can do is much appreciated.

Meet Your Instructors


Maggie has been practicing yoga for about 19 years. In 2015, she earned a 200 hour yoga teacher training certification to improve her own practice. Then in 2016 a MS diagnosis encouraged her to strengthen her practice and start teaching more. Specializing in restorative yoga, she has worked with people recovering from spinal injury and surgery, not only for physical recovery, but the emotional recovery needed that comes along with becoming disabled. She has started her 500 hour certification, and looks forward to completing within the next year. As a mother Maggie experiences the joy of giving her daughter the skills to cope with difficult situations using mindfulness and breathing techniques. Inspired by this she has developed classes that are kid centered. Detaching from technology and the stressful world around us for an hour is not only beneficial for adults, but for our little ones as well. Feel free to follow her on Instagram for upcoming events. @live.grow.repeat Visit her website at


Kiyomi is a Certified Senior Instructor of Qigong (L3), a Certified AromaTouch Bodyworker, Certified Yin Yoga instructor and a Qigong Energy Healer. She has been a Qigong practitioner for more than 17 years. Kiyomi is blessed to have shared Qigong and her Healing Modalities at Agape International Spiritual Center’s retreats led by Rev. Michael Beckwith (from “The Secret”), Agape’s Sister Retreats, Agape’s Yoga Days, Agape’s Revelation, Spiritual Enlightenment And Truth Focus Ministry workshops, Supreme Science Qigong Tours, Glen Ivy Hot Springs and now, Float State! What makes her a unique healer and teacher is her ability to feel energy blockages in the body and intuitively interpret the body’s messages. She also tunes in to her students and tailors the class to their needs. Kiyomi has studied Healing Modalities and Qigong from the lineages of Grand Masters Mantak Chia, Zhou Ting-Jue, Chunyi Lin and Supreme Science Qigong Center.
For more info about Kiyomi and her services, please visit


Being an explorer of mindfulness, creative expression and yoga for most of his life, through music, art, dance, aikido, and various styles of physical yoga practices including traditional meditation techniques. Scot draws inspiration from all of these forms, and guides you through a simple and easy to do personalized practice of being in Harmony and Union with Life. Recognizing and Honoring the gift of the Breath, and the receptive/strength of Source Energy that we all share. “Yoga means Union, being in intimate relationship with Life Itself.” Scot’s classes are appropriate for all levels, beginners welcome.


Na’lah is a certified SharQui Instructor – The Bellydance Workout. Performing at various fairs, restaurants and private parties. This dance form has become her true love and continues to study with various professional Belly Dancers. Na’ilah also teaches Beginning Bellycance Classes and has started a new class here at Float State – The Bellydance Workout. Na’ilah won the People’s Choice Award 2018 at the Bellydance of the Universe Competition and 1st Place in the Goddess Category for Southern Ca Regionals Bellydance of the Universe Competition.