Up Coming Events at Float State

FEB 14, 16 & 17 | Couples Yoga & Massage Workshop

FEB 15 | Sound Bath

FEB 23 | EmŌtional Wellness

MARCH 5 | New Moon Yin Sound Bath

MARCH 9 | Stress Talk

MARCH 10 | Mindful Movie Night

March 15 |  Sound Bath with Jessa & Enoch


“This place is absolutely amazing! Every single staff member here is friendly, helpful, and they truly want to make sure you leave relaxed and feeling good! It is very clean and peaceful. If you have not tried it yet, what are you waiting for? You’ll love it! So glad they brought this place to the community!”


Float Therapy

A flotation tank is pretty simple. It contains 10-12 inches of sterile water around body temperature (filtered after every usage). In the water, there are over 1700 pounds of medical grade Epsom Salts to ensure that anyone can float. You simply rinse off, enter the tank, lie back, and relax. You will feel entirely weightless and free. Every single muscle in the body gets the rest it needs and the time to recover.

I LOVE the peaceful, serene atmosphere that Float State has! It’s an oasis amidst the craziness of the day! My float experiences have been amazing, and I was able to experience a little taste of the Cryo Facial….loved it!!
I can’t wait to try the salt room and Lucia Light…
Oh- and there is yoga and meditation classes! Come and check out this beautiful space ASAP👌🌟




The Cryofacial™ was developed by Jonas Kuehne, MD, and uses pressurized liquid nitrogen vapors which are applied to the face and neck to help stimulate and improve the overall appearance of the skin. A course of Cryofacials helps diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the appearance of pores.

Localized Cryotherapy

Unlike whole body cryotherapy  localized cryotherapy can be used to target specific areas delivering the benefits of WBC locally.  Clients frequently combine this treatment with Whole Body Cryotherapy, to treat specific problem areas.   As temperatures as low as -240 degrees F can be reached by our devices,  a local area treatment only needs to be conducted for about 5-10 minutes.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is a treatment that exposes your body to ultra-low temperatures that range between -200°F and -256 °F for three minutes. This environment tricks the brain into thinking the body is freezing which then sends it into fight or flight mode, causing blood to rush to your core. First utilized in Japan in 1978 it was designed to supplement health and wellness programs, without treating any medical diseases, disorders or illness. Clients who have undergone cryotherapy sessions say they experience a multitude of benefits, including “feeling rejuvenated”, “a feeling of wellbeing” “improvement in athletic performance” and “having more energy.”

“Went last week and this place is AWESOME! I’ve been to my fair share of float facilities and can say this is one of the best – facilities were immaculate, technology was first class and overall vibe was relaxing and welcoming. Will be coming back!”

-google reviewer

Infrared Sauna

Research shows the benefits of Infrared Sauna are abundant. The DETOXIFICATION associated with infrared saunas  has “been shown to be helpful with colitis, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, auto-immune disease, immune deficiency states, autism, ADD and ADHD.” -Dr. Rachel West

In addition to detoxification Infrared Saunas are shown to promote RELAXATION, WEIGHT LOSS, PAIN RELIEF, & LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE.

“Awesome place and the staff rocks.Great place to go for relaxation and mind clearing very clean and professional.”



Salt therapy AKA Halotherapy is a natural and non-invasive therapy that can help relieve the symptoms of a wide range of respiratory and skin conditions.

“Float state is absolutely amazing. It is beautiful on the inside, clean, and the staff are welcoming and friendly. I come to float, which is relaxing. It eases stress and anxiety and helps me sleep. I recommend it to everyone.” -Maranda

The Lucia N°03 Hypnagogic Light Machine

Lucia N°03 is a tool for awakening. It helps clear the mind and allows even beginning meditators to reach a space of peaceful presence.

“This is my new go to spot!! Float, Salt, Sauna, Massage and Yoga all in the same place! I died and went to heaven. Seriously this place is amazing and gorgeous. Check it out.” -Danielle


The wait is over! We are now accepting appointments for massage! Our Certified Massage Therapist Lynda is now booking appointments on Saturday and Sunday.

Call us to book. 951-663-4888

“The best hour of total relaxation I’ve ever felt in my 49 years on earth!” -Cyndi


We bring beautiful, inspirational healing classes to the community and invite you to join us.

Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, Bellydancing, and Mindfulness & Yoga for Kids

“Unlike anything I had ever experienced before—it’s really something you have to try yourself.”



Our minds are an amazing gift that we are intended to fully access and experience but only too often the distractions of our environment prevent us from fully having that experience.

Here at Float State we are creating an environment that gives you the opportunity to free your mind from the distractions of life around you that are most likely preventing you from truly being able to fully enjoy the ability to meditate, pray or simply relax to the level we are meant to experience.  Our float therapy, Cryo therapy, Halo therapy, and Lucia Light give you a unique awareness of your body and  mind putting you at a whole new state of relaxation.

If you’ve ever wondered if the enjoyment or awareness of these activities could be taken to another level, come spend the day with us here at FLOAT STATE .


Call or drop in today!

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